Sunday, October 30, 2011


- Yayati Madan G Gandhi

I was there earlier than the heaven,
earlier than the earth;
the yeast of fecund waters,
my seed primeval conceived the gods.
Out of billowy deeps trekking out
in space-time infinite,
projecting worlds upon worlds
at various levels of manifestation,
the one indivisible essence,
the rhythm of seemingly fragmented words.
The fair-winged being,
the sole light of intelligence,
the fire in seers and bards,
the self-emanating effulgence.
The bestower of cosmic intelligence,
the clarifier of marks of distinction
to separate and classify
various levels of being.
The mediator between gods and men,
the fire in the sun
that build up, destroys—
the moving flame in all things.
Giver of life to rocks and stones,
the demiurge of existence,
the fragrance of spring,
the order of perfection.
Unfurl celestial waters,
weave the mosaic of space,
blow through the void
the breath.
As the one ineffable essence
running through specks and spheres,
the all-bounteous intelligence,
shapes the waters of space,
globes and galaxies,
and makes them dance to her tune.
In appointed courses
firm-fixed by gravitational embrace
whirl and swirl
in depths celestial
the steps of dance
of the cosmic romance.
Under your direction
the whole show runs.
The womb primeval,
the mother to suns and moons.

The golden womb
wherein everything has its being.
Gleans cosmos from chaos,
creates order in the world.
The Mother.
To your lap all return.
In the infinite roll of time
you fold the mystery sublime.
The celestial virgin,
the womb of luminous space,
birthing universes of becoming.
The cosmic axis
of fathomless spheres,
the celestial matrix
shaping  countless creations.

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